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Important Sites Or Locations Or Buildings of Connaught place Subdivision
Important Sites Or Locations Or Buildings of Parliament Street Subdivision
Important Sites Or Locations Or Buildings of Chanakya Puri Subdivision
Important Sites/ Locations/ Buildings of Connaught place Subdivision

Police Stations under Connaught place are :
1) P. S. Tilak Marg
2) P. S. Connaught Place

3Hanuman Road
4Connaught Place
5Basant Lane
6Railway Road
7Chelmsford Road
8Shankar Market
9Mayur Bhawan
10Tolstoy Road
11Atul Grover Road
12Jan Path Lane
13Eastern Court
14Western Court
15H C Mathur Lane
16Hailey Road
17Vakil Lane
18K G Marg from Connaught Place to Feroz Shah inter section
19Bara Khamba Road from Connaught Place to Tolstoy Marg inter section
20Jan Path from Connaught Place to Windsor Place
21Sindhia House
22Fire Brigade Lane
23Sapru House
24Bengali Market
25Mandi House
26Bhagwan Das Road
27Copernicus Marg
28Tilak Marg
29Appu Ghar
30India Gate
31National Stadium
32Pandara Road
33Shanjahan Road
34Man Singh Road
35Modern School
36Bapa Nagar
37Divi Nagar
38Kashturba Gandhi Marg from India gate to Feroz Shah Road inter section
39Nangla Machi
40Supreme Court
41Patiala House Court
42Hydarabad House
43Kali Basti
44Bhartiya Janta Party Office, Ashok Road
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