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Maharishi Valmiki Hospital
  1. Capacity:  150 Beds, with Provision for up gradation up to 250 beds.
  3. Total  Area: 8.10 Hectares.
  5. Hospital  Building: 17471.66 Square meters.
  7. Dharmashala  : One.
  9. Accommodation
        (a) Hostel
               Doctors: One.
               Nurses: One.

      (b) Residential Quarters: 94.

  10. New MCH Block- OPD Services Started 

Hospital has setup a Sewage Treatment Plant of its own. The  treated water is reutilized for horticulture purpose. It has also a well  maintained Nursery and Vatika in the campus maintained by the Horticulture Department.

Chief Minister
Shri Arvind Kejriwal
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Last Updated : 08-Jan-2016