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  • “Civil Defence” includes any measures, not amounting to actual combat, for affording protection to any person, property, place or thing in India or any part of the territory thereof against any hostile attack, whether from air, land, sea or other places, or, for depriving any such attack of the whole or part of its effect, whether such measures are taken before, during, at or after the time of such attack, or any measure taken for the purpose of disaster management, before, during, at, or after any disaster.
  • “Civil Defence Corps” means the Corps formed wholly or mainly to meet the needs of Civil Defence.
  • Started in 1962. 
  • Civil Defence Act, Rules and Regulations formulated in 1968.
  • Additional role of Disaster Management added in 2010.
  • At central level Civil Defence Corps comes under ministry of home affairs.
  • Advisory Committee at national level is headed by Union Home Minister and consists of members like Finance Minister, Defense Minister, Agriculture Minister, Minister incharge of Home Department of a few States, NDMA, Home Secretary MHA and DG (Civil Defence, Home Guards and Fire Service).