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List of Villages

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District and Sub-Division Wise Village

S.No. District Sub Division Village  
1 East Gandhi Nagar Shakar Pur Brewad  
2 East Gandhi Nagar Shakar Pur Khas F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
3 East Preet Vihar Chilla Saroda Banger  
4 East Preet Vihar Chilla Saroda Khadar  
5 East Preet Vihar Dalu Pura  
6 East Preet Vihar Gazi Pur F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
7 East Preet Vihar Gharauli  
8 East Preet Vihar Gharonda Neem Ka Banger  
9 East Preet Vihar Gharonda Neem Ka Khadar  
10 East Preet Vihar Hasan Pur F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
11 East Preet Vihar Khichri Pur F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
12 East Preet Vihar Khureji Khas RNZ/526 dt. 13.6.1963
13 East Preet Vihar Kondli  
14 East Preet Vihar Kotla TCO/82/47 DATED 06-05-1982
15 East Preet Vihar Mandawli Fazal Pur F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
16 East Preet Vihar Samash Pur Jagir  
17 East Vivek Vihar Ghondli F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
18 East Vivek Vihar Karkar Dooman F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
19 East Vivek Vihar Olden Puri  
20 East Vivek Vihar Seelam Pur F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
21 East Vivek Vihar Shahdara F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
22 East Preet Vihar Jhil Mil Tahirpur  
23 North Civil Lines Burari  
24 North Civil Lines Badarpur Mazra Burari  
25 North Civil Lines Civil Station  
26 North Civil Lines Delhi  
27 North Civil Lines Jagat Pur Delhi  
28 North Civil Lines Jagat Pur Shahdara  
29 North Civil Lines Jharoda Majara Burari  
30 North Civil Lines Kamal Pur Majara Baurari  
31 North Civil Lines Mukand Pur  
32 North Civil Lines Nimri RNZ/526 dated 13-06-1963
33 North Civil Lines Sadhora Kalan RNZ/526 dated 13-06-1963
34 North Civil Lines Sadhora Khurd RNZ/526 dated 13-06-1963
35 North Civil Lines Salempur Majra Burari  
36 North Civil Lines Timar Pur  
37 North Civil Lines Wazirabad TCO/82/47 DATED 06-05-1982
38 North Kotwali No Village  
39 North Sadar Bazar No Village  
40 North East Sealam Pur Badaar Pur Khadar  
41 North East Sealam Pur Bakiabad  
42 North East Sealam Pur Bihari Pur  
43 North East Sealam Pur Garhi Mando  
44 North East Sealam Pur Ghonda Gujran Bangar  
45 North East Sealam Pur Ghonda Gujran Khadar  
46 North East Sealam Pur Ghonda Chauhan Bangar  
47 North East Sealam Pur Ghonda F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
48 North East Sealam Pur Ghonda Chauhan Khadar  
49 North East Sealam Pur Ghonda Neemka TCO/82/47 DATED 06-05-1982
50 North East Sealam Pur Gokal Pur  
51 North East Sealam Pur Jeevanpur / Joharipur  
52 North East Sealam Pur Karwal Nagar  
53 North East Sealam Pur Khajuri Khas  
54 North East Sealam Pur Khanpur Dhani  
55 North East Sealam Pur Mirpur Turk  
56 North East Sealam Pur Mustafabad  
57 North East Sealam Pur Pur Delhi  
58 North East Sealam Pur Pur Shahdara  
59 North East Sealam Pur Saba Pur Delhi  
60 North East Sealam Pur Saba Pur Shahdara  
61 North East Sealam Pur Sadat Pur Gujran F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
62 North East Sealam Pur Sadat Pur Musalmanan  
63 North East Sealam Pur Ziaudin Pur  
64 North East Seema Puri Mandoli TCO/82/47 DATED 06-05-1982
65 North East Seema Puri Saboli F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
66 North East Shahdara Babar Pur  
67 North East Shahdara Jafra Bad  
68 North East Shahdara Mauj Pur F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
69 North East Shahdara Sangar Pur  
70 North East Shahdara Usman Pur TCO/82/47 DATED 06-05-1982
71 North West Model Town Azad Pur RNZ/526 dated 13-06-1963
72 North West Model Town Bhalswa Jahangirpur  
73 North West Model Town Bharola F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
74 North West Model Town Dhaka RNZ/526 dated 13-06-1963
75 North West Model Town Dhir Pur F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
76 North West Model Town Mllikpur Chawni  
77 North West Model Town Peepal Thala F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
78 North West Model Town Rajpur Chhawni F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
79 North West Model Town Sanjar Pur  
80 North West Narela Akbar Pur Mazara  
81 North West Narela Alipur  
82 North West Narela Badli TCO/82/47 DATED 06-05-1982
83 North West Narela Bakhtawar Pur  
84 North West Narela Bakoli  
85 North West Narela Bankner  
86 North West Narela Barwala  
87 North West Narela Bawana  
88 North West Narela Bazitpr Thakran  
89 North West Narela Bhor Garh  
90 North West Narela Budpur Bijapur  
91 North West Narela Daryapur Kalan  
92 North West Narela Fatehpur Jat  
93 North West Narela Gadi Khasro  
94 North West Narela Ghoga  
95 North West Narela Hamidpur  
96 North West Narela Harewali  
97 North West Narela Hiranki  
98 North West Narela Holambi Kalan  
99 North West Narela Holambi Khurd  
100 North West Narela Ibrahim pur  
101 North West Narela Jhangola  
102 North West Narela Jindpur  
103 North West Narela Qadi pur  
104 North West Narela Katawada No.F.9(2) / 66 / Law /Corpn.dt.28.5.66
105 North West Narela Khampur Raya F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
106 North West Narela Khera kalan  
107 North West Narela Khera Khurd  
108 North West Narela Kureni  
109 North West Narela Lampur  
110 North West Narela Libas Pur  
111 North West Narela Mamoor Pur  
112 North West Narela Mohmad Pur Ramjanpur  
113 North West Narela Mukhmele Pur  
114 North West Narela Qulak Pur  
115 North West Narela Mungeshpur  
116 North West Narela Nangal Thakran  
117 North West Narela Nangli Puna  
118 North West Narela Narela  
119 North West Narela Naya Bansh  
120 North West Narela Ochandi  
121 North West Narela Palla  
122 North West Narela Pansali  
123 North West Narela Prahalad Pur Bangar  
124 North West Narela Pooth khurd  
125 North West Narela Rajapur Kalan  
126 North West Narela Samaypur TCO/82/47 DATED 06-05-1982
127 North West Narela Sanooth  
128 North West Narela Seeraspur  
129 North West Narela Shahbad Daulatpur  
130 North West Narela Shahpur Garhi  
131 North West Narela Singhu  
132 North West Narela Singhola  
133 North West Narela Sugarpur  
134 North West Narela Sulatanpur dabas  
135 North West Narela Sungarpur - Delhi  
136 North West Narela Sungarpur - Shadra  
137 North West Narela Tehri Daulatpur  
138 North West Narela Tajpur Kalan  
139 North West Narela Tigipur  
140 North West Narela Tikri Khurd  
141 North West Saraswati Vihar Begumpur  
142 North West Saraswati Vihar Budhan Pur  
143 North West Saraswati Vihar Chand Pur  
144 North West Saraswati Vihar Chatesar  
145 North West Saraswati Vihar Chokri Mubari RNZ/526 dated 13-06-1963
146 North West Saraswati Vihar Garhi Randhala  
147 North West Saraswati Vihar Ghewra  
148 North West Saraswati Vihar Haider Pur TCO/82/47 DATED 06-05-1982
149 North West Saraswati Vihar Jat Khor  
150 North West Saraswati Vihar Jaunti  
151 North West Saraswati Vihar Kanjhawla  
152 North West Saraswati Vihar Karala  
153 North West Saraswati Vihar Kirari  
154 North West Saraswati Vihar Kiradi Sulaman Nagar  
155 North West Saraswati Vihar Ladpur  
156 North West Saraswati Vihar Madan Pur Dabas  
157 North West Saraswati Vihar Mangolpur Khurd TCO/82/47 DATED 06-05-1982
158 North West Saraswati Vihar Mangolpur Kalan TCO/82/47 DATED 06-05-1982
159 North West Saraswati Vihar Mohd. Pur Majri  
160 North West Saraswati Vihar Mubarikpur Dabas  
161 North West Saraswati Vihar Nahar Pur TCO/82/47 dt.23.4.82
162 North West Saraswati Vihar Nithari  
163 North West Saraswati Vihar Nizampur  
164 North West Saraswati Vihar Nizampur Rasidpur  
165 North West Saraswati Vihar Pitam Pura TCO/82/47 DATED 06-05-1982
166 North West Saraswati Vihar Pooth Kalan  
167 North West Saraswati Vihar Punjab Khor  
168 North West Saraswati Vihar Qutub Garh  
169 North West Saraswati Vihar Rani Khera  
170 North West Saraswati Vihar Rasul Pur  
171 North West Saraswati Vihar Rithala TCO/82/47 DATED 06-05-1982
172 North West Saraswati Vihar Sahi Pur TCO/82/47 DATED 06-05-1982
173 North West Saraswati Vihar Salahpur Majara  
174 North West Saraswati Vihar Salem Pur Majr Madipur RNZ/526 dated 13-06-1963
175 North West Saraswati Vihar Sawda  
176 North West Saraswati Vihar Shakur Pur RNZ/526 dated 13-06-1963
177 North West Saraswati Vihar Sultanpur Mazara  
178 North West Saraswati Vihar Wazir Pur F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
179 North West Saraswati Vihar Yaqut Pur  
180 North West Saraswati Vihar Shalimar TCO/82/47 DATED 06-05-1982
181 South Defence Colony Behlopur Khadar F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
182 South Defence Colony Chak Chilla  
183 South Defence Colony Garhi Jharya Marya F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
184 South Defence Colony Joga Bai F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
185 South Defence Colony Khizara Bad F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
186 South Defence Colony Kilokari F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
187 South Defence Colony Kotla Mubarakpur F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
188 South Defence Colony Nangali Razapur TCO/82/47 DATED 06-05-1982
189 South Defence Colony Okhla F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
190 South Defence Colony Saidabad Lbe-Chirag  
191 South Defence Colony Sarai Kale Khan TCO/82/47 DATED 06-05-1982
192 South Defence Colony ZAMRUDPUR F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
193 South Hauz Khas AdChini F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
194 South Hauz Khas Asola  
195 South Hauz Khas Aya Nagar  
196 South Hauz Khas Ber Sarai F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
197 South Hauz Khas Begumpur F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
198 South Hauz Khas Bhati  
199 South Hauz Khas Chandan Hula  
200 South Hauz Khas Chhaterpur  
201 South Hauz Khas Chirag Delhi F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
202 South Hauz Khas Dera Mandi  
203 South Hauz Khas Devli  
204 South Hauz Khas Fatehpur Beri  
205 South Hauz Khas Gadai Pur  
206 South Hauz Khas Hauz Khas F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
207 South Hauz Khas Hauz Rani F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
208 South Hauz Khas Humayunpur F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
209 South Hauz Khas Jamrood pur  
210 South Hauz Khas Jia Sarai TCO/82/47 DATED 06-05-1982
211 South Hauz Khas Jona Pur  
212 South Hauz Khas Kalu sarai F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
213 South Hauz Khas Katwaria Sarai F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
214 South Hauz Khas Khanpur  
215 South Hauz Khas Khera  
216 South Hauz Khas Khirki RNZ/526 dated 13-06-1963
217 South Hauz Khas Ladha Sarai RNZ/526 dt. 13.6.1963
218 South Hauz Khas Lado sarai TCO/82/47 dt.23.4.82
219 South Hauz Khas Madan Gir F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
220 South Hauz Khas Madian Garhi  
221 South Hauz Khas Mehrauli RNZ/526 dated 13-06-1963
222 South Hauz Khas Masjid Moth F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
223 South Hauz Khas Neb Sarai  
224 South Hauz Khas Put Sarai  
225 South Hauz Khas Rajpur Khurd  
226 South Hauz Khas Sahoarpur  
227 South Hauz Khas Saiduajab  
228 South Hauz Khas Sarai Sahji F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
229 South Hauz Khas Sat Bari  
230 South Hauz Khas Shaha Pur Jat No.F.9(2) / 66 / Law / Corpn.dt.28.5.66
231 South Hauz Khas Sheikh Sarai F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
232 South Hauz Khas Sultan Pur  
233 South Hauz Khas Tigri  
234 South Hauz Khas Yusuf Sarai F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
235 South Kalkaji Aali  
236 South Kalkaji Badar Pur F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
237 South Kalkaji Baha Pur  
238 South Kalkaji Jait Pur  
239 South Kalkaji Jasola F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
240 South Kalkaji Kotla Mahigiram  
241 South Kalkaji Madan Pur Khadar F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
242 South Kalkaji Meetha Pur  
243 South Kalkaji Molar Band  
244 South Kalkaji Pul Pehaladpur  
245 South Kalkaji Raipur Khurd  
246 South Kalkaji Tajpul  
247 South Kalkaji Tehkhand F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
248 South Kalkaji Tuglakabad F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
249 South Kalkaji Yakut Pur  
250 South Kalkaji Tamoor Nagar F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
251 South West Delhi Cant Bagdola F.33/ENGG.TP(DP)/11424/94 DATED 4-10-1994
252 South West Delhi Cant Jadid Chhawni  
253 South West Delhi Cant Muradabad Pahari  
254 South West Delhi Cant Nangal Raya F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
255 South West Delhi Cant Naraina F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
256 South West Delhi Cant Sagarpur F.33/ENGG.TP(DP)/11424/94 DATED 4-10-1994
257 South West Delhi Cant Sahbad Mohd. Pur F.33/ENGG.TP(DP)/11424/94 DATED 4-10-1994
258 South West Delhi Cant Sahu Pur F.33/ENGG.TP(DP)/11424/94 DATED 4-10-1994
259 South West Delhi Cant Todapur  
260 South West Najafgarh Amber Hai F.33/ENGG.TP(DP)/11424/94 DATED 4-10-1994
261 South West Najafgarh Asalatpur Khawad F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
262 South West Najafgarh Badusarai  
263 South West Najafgarh Bakar Garh  
264 South West Najafgarh Bamnoli F.33/ENGG.TP(DP)/11424/94 DATED 4-10-1994
265 South West Najafgarh Bharthal F.33/ENGG.TP(DP)/11424/94 DATED 4-10-1994
266 South West Najafgarh Bijwasan F.33/ENGG.TP(DP)/11424/94 DATED 4-10-1994
267 South West Najafgarh Bindapur F.33/ENGG.TP(DP)/11424/94 DATED 4-10-1994
268 South West Najafgarh Chhawla  
269 South West Najafgarh Dabri F.33/ENGG.TP(DP)/11424/94 DATED 4-10-1994
270 South West Najafgarh Daryapur Khurd  
271 South West Najafgarh Daulat Pur  
272 South West Najafgarh Dewarala  
273 South West Najafgarh Dhansa  
274 South West Najafgarh Dhoolsiras F.33/ENGG.TP(DP)/11424/94 DATED 4-10-1994
275 South West Najafgarh Dichaon Kalan  
276 South West Najafgarh Dindar Pur  
277 South West Najafgarh Galib Pur  
278 South West Najafgarh Goela Khurd  
279 South West Najafgarh Guman Hera  
280 South West Najafgarh Haibat Pur RNZ/526 dated 13-06-1963
281 South West Najafgarh Hassanpur  
282 South West Najafgarh Issa Pur  
283 South West Najafgarh Jafarpur Kalan  
284 South West Najafgarh Jainpur  
285 South West Najafgarh Jharoda Kalan  
286 South West Najafgarh Jhatikara  
287 South West Najafgarh Jhuljhuli  
288 South West Najafgarh Kair  
289 South West Najafgarh Kakrola F.33/ENGG.TP(DP)/11424/94 DATED 4-10-1994
290 South West Najafgarh Kangam Heri  
291 South West Najafgarh Kapashera  
292 South West Najafgarh Khaira  
293 South West Najafgarh Kharkhari Jatmal  
294 South West Najafgarh Kharkhari Nahar  
295 South West Najafgarh Kharkhari Rond  
296 South West Najafgarh Khera Dabar  
297 South West Najafgarh Luhhar Heri F.33/ENGG.TP(DP)/11424/94 DATED 4-10-1994
298 South West Najafgarh Masuda Bad RNZ/526 dated 13-06-1963
299 South West Najafgarh Milakhpur Zer  
300 South West Najafgarh Mirzapur F.33/ENGG.TP(DP)/11424/94 DATED 4-10-1994
301 South West Najafgarh Mitraon  
302 South West Najafgarh Mundhela Kalan  
303 South West Najafgarh Mundhela Khurd  
304 South West Najafgarh Najafgarh RNZ/526 dated 13-06-1963
305 South West Najafgarh Nanak Heri  
306 South West Najafgarh Nangli Sakrawti  
307 South West Najafgarh Nasirpur F.33/ENGG.TP(DP)/11424/94 DATED 4-10-1994
308 South West Najafgarh Palam F.33/ENGG.TP(DP)/11424/94 DATED 4-10-1994
309 South West Najafgarh Paprawat  
310 South West Najafgarh Pindwalan Kalan  
311 South West Najafgarh Pindwalan Khurd  
312 South West Najafgarh Pochanpur F.33/ENGG.TP(DP)/11424/94 DATED 4-10-1994
313 South West Najafgarh Qazi Pur  
314 South West Najafgarh Qutaba Pur  
315 South West Najafgarh Radhopur  
316 South West Najafgarh Rawta  
317 South West Najafgarh Rewla Khanpur  
318 South West Najafgarh Roshan Pura  
319 South West Najafgarh Salhapur  
320 South West Najafgarh Samaspur Khalsa  
321 South West Najafgarh Sarangpur  
322 South West Najafgarh Sherpur Dairy  
323 South West Najafgarh Shikarpur  
324 South West Najafgarh Surakh Pur  
325 South West Najafgarh Surhera  
326 South West Najafgarh Tajpur Khurd  
327 South West Najafgarh Toganpur F.33/ENGG.TP(DP)/11424/94 DATED 4-10-1994
328 South West Najafgarh Ujwa  
329 South West Vasant Vihar Basant Nagar F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
330 South West Vasant Vihar Ghatorni  
331 South West Vasant Vihar Kusumpur  
332 South West Vasant Vihar Mahipalpur TCO/82/47 DATED 06-05-1982
333 South West Vasant Vihar Masoodpur TCO/82/47 DATED 06-05-1982
334 South West Vasant Vihar Mohd. Pur Munirka F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
335 South West Vasant Vihar Nangal Dewat  
336 South West Vasant Vihar Rajokri  
337 South West Vasant Vihar Rang Puri  
338 South West Vasant Vihar Samalka  
339 West Patel Nagar Asalat Pur  
340 West Patel Nagar Basai Dara Pur RNZ/526 dated 13-06-1963
341 West Patel Nagar Budhela F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
342 West Patel Nagar Chokhandi F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
343 West Patel Nagar Hastsal not awailable
344 West Patel Nagar Keso Pur RNZ/526 dated 13-06-1963
345 West Patel Nagar Kham Pur F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
346 West Patel Nagar Khiyala RNZ/526 dated 13-06-1963
347 West Patel Nagar Nangali(Jalib) F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
348 West Patel Nagar Nawada Mazara Hastal F.33/ENGG.TP(DP)/11424/94 DATED 4-10-1994
349 West Patel Nagar Matiala F.33/ENGG.TP(DP)/11424/94 DATED 4-10-1994
350 West Patel Nagar Posangi Pur F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
351 West Patel Nagar Raja Pur Khurd  
352 West Patel Nagar Shadi Pur No.F.9(2) / 66 / Law / Corpn.dt.28.5.66
353 West Punjabi Bagh Bakkar Wala  
354 West Punjabi Bagh Bapdola  
355 West Punjabi Bagh Jafarpur urf Hiran Kudna  
356 West Punjabi Bagh Jawala Heri TCO/82/47 DATED 06-05-1982
357 West Punjabi Bagh Madi Pur RNZ/526 dated 13-06-1963
358 West Punjabi Bagh Mundka  
359 West Punjabi Bagh Nangloi Jat  
360 West Punjabi Bagh Nangloi Sayed TCO/82/47 DATED 06-05-1982
361 West Punjabi Bagh Neelwal  
362 West Punjabi Bagh Nilothi  
363 West Punjabi Bagh Peera Garhi URBAN
364 West Punjabi Bagh Kamrudin Nagar  
365 West Punjabi Bagh Shafipur Ranhola  
366 West Punjabi Bagh Tikari Kalan  
367 West Punjabi Bagh Tilang Pur Kotla  
368 West Rajouri Garden Tihar F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966
369 West Rajouri Garden Titar Pur F9(20)/66-LAW CORP DATED 28-05-1966