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Public Circulars and Orders

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Recommendation of committee under chaimanship of Shri M L Bokalia regarding issuance of caste certificate F36(600)/2011/Div.Comm./Coord/697 14/09/2011
Issuance of OBC Certificate to Jat Community F8(1)/06-07/DSCST/SCP/11687 22/01/2008
Issuance of OBC Certificate to Jat Community NO.F.9(11)/OBC/PS/2007/3515 24/12/2007
Simplify the process of issuance of OBC Certificate NO.F.87(A)/DC/CCS/2004/614 05/10/2011
Cabinet Decision No. 1792 dated 25/07/2011-Proposal for mentioning of name Balmiki in Caste Certificate in Place of Chuhra(Balmiki). NO.F.3/2/2011-GAD/CN-2333-2344 27/07/2011
5th Report of the committee on the welfare of SC/ST NO.F.14(B-1)/2000-01/SC-ST-OBC/10298 30/11/2000
Simplification of the process of issuance of caste certificate NO.F.87(16)/DC/CCS/2006/604-646 31/05/2006
Grant of ex-gratia relief in the case of Damage to Jhuqqies No.1 F (15)/D.M./ Relief/2007/1473-1532 12/06/2007
OBC Certificate Circular Corrigendum No. F.1 (15) DM//Relief /99/2301-2360 24/09/2007
Clarification on the status of issuance of OBC certificate to Jat community from Haryana and other state NO8(1)/2006-07/DSCST/SCP/7749 29/07/2008
Rate for grant of ex-gratia relief in various eventualities NO.F.1(15)/D.M./Relief/2006/3043-49 21/09/2006
Guidelines for Assistance to victims of Terrorist & Communal violence NIL NIL
Revised Guidelines for Assistance to victims of Terrorist, Communal and Naxal violence No.I-12020/42/2008-NCB 25/01/2010
OBC Certificate Circular F. 87(OBC)/DC/CCS/2008/2293-2322 25/07/2008
Direction of Hon'ble Supreme Court F.65/SDM/ENV/SHIFTING/INDUSTRIES/1162 13/08/2009
Monitoring of court Cases F.1(11)/DC/LC/HQ/2009/1161 13/08/2009
Guidlines on Communal Harmony F.186)/Relief/2008/5980-90 09/10/2009
RTI Order F.ADM(HQ)/RIGHT TO INF/OBLIGATIONS/2006/1535 04/06/2010
RTI Order F.13/9/09-AR/0333-492/C 07/10/2010
Registration of Instruments pertaining to conveyance or transfer of immovable properties F1(179)/RegnBr/Divcom/Pt.File/47 08/02/2011
Refund of Court Fees- Court Order F21/4/(1)/Stamp/COS(HQ)/07/11550  08/04/2011
Constitution of a Sub-Division Level Special Task Force F-27/SDM/KJ/20l0/96 30/03/2011
Ban on registration of Transactions without sanctioned building plans F27/SDM/KJ/2010/97 31/3/2011
Granting ex-gratia relief in various eventualities F1.1(87)/Relief/Building Collapse2010/421 05/04/2011
Addendum - Constitution of a Sub-Division Level Special Task Force F.36(35)/Coord/Div.Comm/Pt. File/2011/1805-69 03/08/2011
Report of STF regarding encroachment and unauthorised construction --------- ----------
Amendments in the caste names in 'The Constitution ( Scheduled Caste) (Union Territories) Order1951' approved by the Cabinet F. Cabinet Note/Balmiki/2011/670-709 09/08/2011
Service Level Agreement order F. 1(122)/COMP/DCO/08/1118 16/08/2011
Instructions issued regarding procedure for issue of SC/ST and OBC Certificates F(87)/OBC/DC/2010/785 26/08/2011
Guidelines for Collector of Stamps for allowing refund of e-Stamp F1/e-Stamp/refund/Div.Com/11/17714 04/10/2011
e-SLA monitoring F1(2)/COMP/DCO/09/15 04/01/2012
Order - Regarding 3D GIS F36(19)COORD/DIVCOM/2009/86 17/01/2012
Judgment delivered by Hon'ble Supreme Court of India for Registrar/Sub Registrar of Revenue Department. No.F1(92)/Regn/Div Com/2012/298 27/04/2012
Order-Cabinet Decision on the Subject of checking unauthorized construction and removal of encroachments No.F.36(35)/cord/Div.Com/Pt.file/2011/75 18/01/203
Order-Government rejected the request of DMRC to grant exemption from payment of stamp duty. No.F1(335)/Regn.Branch/Div.Com/HQ/2012/54 16/01/2013
Order-To Integrate Short Message Services(SMS) for the various citizen centric services under e-SLA. No.F1/DIV.Comm/PA/2013 18/02/2013
Provision Contain in Section-33 of DLR. F.1(5)/05/Regn.Br/Div.Comm/205/6655 05/12/2005
GPA leading to colonization of Agricultural Land F1(5)/05/Regn.Branch/Div.Com/2005/270- 290  01/06/2005