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Aim and Services

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As per the compendium of instructions for civil defence issued by DGCD office, MHA, Govt of India, the aims of Civil Defence Corps are:-

  • To save life.
  • To minimize damage to property.
  • To maintain continuity of production.
  • To keep up the high morale of public.

SERVICES: The following services are maintained by Civil Defence Corps as per requirement.

  1. Headquarter Service:- The function of this service is to set up and run the headquarters of Civil Defence. Whole time paid appointments are normally provided by the state Government for this purpose.
  2. Communication Service:- This service is entrusted with the task of communication systems and warning sirens, etc. Some volunteers with technical or communication technology background may be enlisted for this service.
  3. Warden Service: - This is the most important service of Civil Defence, manned wholly by volunteers. Wardens are generally knowledgeable and influential people of the locality with aptitude and inclination for public service. They are entrusted with the responsibility of spreading awareness or Civil Defence & Disaster Management of the community.
  4. Casualty Service:- This service provides first aid facilities on the spot and at fixed centers as well as to provide transport to the casualties. This comprises First Aid Parties( manned by trained volunteers) , First Aid posts ( manned by doctors, nurses and trained volunteers) and Mobile surgical Units ( manned by doctors, technicians and medical staff).
  5. Fire-Fighting Service:- This includes the volunteers trained in fire fighting to deal with small fires independently, and to supplement the Fire Services departments in case of big fires.
  6. Training Service:- The training is imparted to the community for capacity building.
  7. Rescue Service:- The primary object of this service is to rescue living persons from the damaged site, recovery of dead bodies and to take immediate steps to prevent impending collapse of structures.
  8. Depot and Transport Service:- The function of this service is to man the depots of Civil Defence, provide transport to various services, ensure repairs and recovery of vehicles and control the issue of petrol, oil and lubricants (POL) to vehicles.
  9. Supply Service:- The supply service is activated to plan, organize and stockpile the necessary equipment for Civil Defence before an actual emergency and be responsible for its distribution to the various services of Civil Defence in times of need.
  10. Salvage Service:- The salvage service is meant to take charge and keep in safe custody valuable properties of victims of disaster, who may be unavailable or unable to take care of their properties by virtue of being effected by disaster.
  11. Welfare Service:- The service deals with evacuation of victims of an emergency, providing information and guidance to them and caring for the homeless by arranging temporary shelter, food and clothing.
  12. Corpse Disposal Service:- This service is to be headed by a medical officer assisted by staff of the municipality supplemented by Civil Defence Volunteer, if needed, and sweepers.